Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sampling Product and Review

Hi ladies! Here is a list of companies that we have personally written emails to requesting samples. We've actually had a lot of luck with it so far! 
After moving to the California desert from the very humid Houston my skin literally didn't know what to do. As time has gone by my hair and skin keeps getting more and more dry and I keep having to come up with new ways to battle it and that cam be a costly adventure to say the least. So the best advice given to me was to personally contact companies I was interested in and ask to see if samples could be sent, I just google said company and look for the contact link on their page. Sometimes an auto form to contact them pops up for you to fill out. If one doesn't then just look for the customer service/info email address. Then simply email them expressing interest. I keep it short n sweet ( sometimes lol ). Helps to included what items or product your interested in if applicable. And then wait for a reply. Now some companies will just mail out samples without any reply. I'm sure they receive a lot of of requests so try to make it warm and personal, not robotic or "spammy". You can also let them know if you will be more than happy to do a review of the products sent. If you are really interested in a particular product really let them know so you get what you need and so you don't waste your time or there's or the product. :)

Oh! And don't forget to subscribe to their newsletter too! That a nice and smart thing to do if your wanting to stay up to date on your favorite line and so you can go back and give a review. 

We will keep this blog updated regularly with my experience with each company and have both written and video reviews so don't forget to follow me & this blog!  
It's Sat, Sept 26 2015 and I just started emailing 2 days ago and so these are the companies that have said yes and that have been so nice. I'll be making another blog on the " not so nice" responses I received and who to stay away from and not contact.

Here's my YouTube channel - product reviews! ( don't forget, I'm brand new and these are my first videos. Sorry if its not the best quality, it will get better soon. )
Product Review!

And check out my other blogs on other products companies you can email and request samples, swag or coupons A to Z list of companies you can email  and our blog on the big sample boxes - FREE Sample Boxes.

Don't forget to comment and let us know what companies you have written and had positive responses from and what was sent to you and your experience.


Organic Fiji - said yes, they were very nice and said they will ship samples to me that same day or the next. - today I got from them a very generous package! 6 sample soaps, 2 lotions and a sugar scrub! Review and video soon!

HEMPZ - they were also very nice and said yes.

Creed Perfume - maaaaan this is a good one! They are very nice and respond fast. Let them know which ones you would like to sample. I asked for 3 and they said yes. VERY expensive stuff!!!

Vebute- they said yes and responded fast

Dermorganic - got a yes, will send samples -  got 2 very nice sample boxes - review and video soon!

REN - said yes and want to know your skin type or issues  UPDATE 10/6/15 ( REN is out of samples at this time. I would check back in a couple of weeks ).

Epionce - yes and really want to know how you heard of them. I said word of mouth. ( friend uses and loves after trying a sample ) - Samples in today!!! 10/1/2015

Amlactin - just said yes and would send samples out soon. Samples in! 

The Ginger People - Responded fast and said they would love to send out samples. Janessa was super nice!

Ellis Faas - Very helpful, said yes to samples and wanted to know what products I was interested in. I let them know which ones and they say they will send them. Very nice.

Malin + Gotez - Very nice and fast response wanting to know what products I was interested in, said they would send samples.

Skyniceland - Said yes and also wanted to know what products specifically I was interested in. - 9/29/2015 got 3 small samples in today, cant wait to try the line smoother! Review and video soon!

EVELom - they didn't ask for any info and sent me an email saying my samples were on the way.

LASIO - Responded very quickly and was so nice and wanted info on my blog and youtube. Cant wait to use and review.

NeoStrata - Fast response, said they would send out product right away and would love a review.

Omorovicza - Another fast and very nice response. Very happy to send out samples and they let you know that they will be sent via priority, registered mail from Budapest and it will take about two weeks until you receive them.

Sibu - Responded quickly and was the one who I think suggested getting a blog. Very nice and helpful and will send samples. 

jane iredale - Very nice and fast response. Will ask you to call their number provided they email you,  to have a skin consultation and then send you out the samples tailored just for you! :) - got mine in! and this is makeup ladies. 

Studio Gear Cosmetics - Gave me a yes! Didn't really say much, just yes and sending samples. But YAY!

Image Skin Care - Responded super fast ( next morning ) and Chara was kind enough to ask about my skin type and products I was interested in trying. Can't wait to try and review!

Mad Hippie - Very fast next day response! Let me know what they were sending out for me to try and gave me some great suggestions from their line to help. Review soon!  Are now saying as of 10/7/15: Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us! We have had a busy few months at Mad Hippie with features in Allure, InStyle and Cosmopolitan as well as industry publications like Dermatology Times. Because we have a high demand for samples and our products are costly and utilize high end ingredients, we reserve them for the brick and mortar stores that carry our line. We encourage you to reach out to them if there is a store near you (you can see a list of stores that carry Mad Hippie on the "stores" page of our website).

Onesta Hair Care - Another very fast response. Very nice, wanted to know my exact hair concerns and issues and will send out some product to try. VERY excited for this one.. my poor hair! lol

Men Science - I don't think they ever actually responded, but did send a very nice assortment of samples.

Everyday Minerals - Fast response and said: Hi Krista, We would love to send you our upcoming holiday kit, the Define Kit, for your review. Can you provide us with your shipping address so that we can send it to you right away? :)

eb5 - Didn't really say much. Sent a lot of information and then sent another email confirming my shipment of some samples.  :D

Neocell -  responded very fast! definitely interested in reviews and before and after pics so I would definitely include that in your email request! :D

Naturenetics - Responds quickly and said to sending out a full bottle. For sure wants reviews and even before & after photos if possible. :)

DCH Skin Care - They are very nice and will for sure get a yes! They send out a catalog with these awesome little samples. I had got mine and forgot to put it on the list, SORRY!! Review video already posted below. ENJOY! :D

Kai Fragrances  - Got a yes and they sent out two samples of their scents. 

Infinite Aloe - Got a yes and sent out a nice kit. I would be sure to mention you will do a review!! May need a blog.

Pop Art Snacks - got a yes and this is what they sent... Good Luck!! 

Tigernuts - Another awesome yes from them and a yummy product to review.

Palmer's CoCo - Will send out nice samples! 

My Gerbs - Responded quickly and sent out the best tasting samples!! May need a blog.

Skout Organic - Very nice and interested in reviews - sent out nice samples!   *  as of 10/15 no longer doing samples, to small a company right now. Maybe try again in a bit or even now if you are a blogger and willing to do a blog and video review. 

Vanicream - Responded quickly and sent out a bunch of samples to try and review! 

NATU - Nice hair product company - fast response. Interested in reviews.

Slippery When Wet Soaps - This is a very small company, I met her at a craft get together and her soaps are amazing! Feel free to request a sample, but being that they are small they may say no or run out to fast. Never hurts to try though right! ;) 

Hermes Home Fragrance  - Just send an email and they will send out two or more nice samples . 

Crispy Green - Very nice people and great company. I got a super fast response and they are really wanting reviews. Happy reviews.

Crunch Master - Love this companies products. Best thin chips around! Will be wanting reviews. :) 

Derma-e - Very nice and fast. Wanted to know my skin issues and exactly what products I wanted to try and review. Will need a blog. 

Kleem Organics - This is a product I'm reviewing from Dollar deal Reviews

EMLIN Cosmetic - May not respond but will send out nice samples
ALL FORCE - Fill out contact form and they will send out free samples!! 

CND Beauty- Very nice and responsive when wanting to hear about reviews. I would start a blog if you haven't to get in on this one! They want reviews!! 

Yogi Tea - Will give you a yes to samples! 

Pink Zebra - will send out samples and are looking for anyone interested in selling Pink Zebra products. In love with their scents! 

Rockin Wellness - Will send you out 2 samples, a sticker & an awesome Tumbler. This stuff is amazing!!

Real Body Work - will send out possibly up to three samples :D 

My Doterra - Will send out samples of their essential oils to try! 

Ambrosia Med Spa - Will send out a couple of sample to try and review! 

Lucky Tiger -  Sends out awesome samples for men. Really wants reviews. 

Taste of the wild -  Will send out samples for reviews. These are DOG TREATS! ;) 

Vermont Applesauce - will send out nice samples for review! :D 

Natural Delights - Sends out samples and coupons! :D please review! 

Glo Theraputics -  will send out quite a few nice samples for you to try and review.

Gilchrist Soames -  Will want to know what products you are interested in - will send out several samples.

Baby Spa USA - send then an email and They send little packets of eczema cream,body wash,diaper cream & soothing cream for cheeks

Loccitane - will send out several samples :) 

Nuxe - Will send out samples no blog needed :) 

Natures Gate - send them an email for samples.

Seventh Generation - great baby samples!

New Grounds Food - be sure to mention doing a review and would help if you had a blog. 

Veggie Go - Must do reviews and have a blog or other social media :) 

Paulas Choice skincare - will send out a bunch of nice samples. Let them know your skin care concerns. 

Eisenberg Perfumes Paris - send a message requesting samples and they will send some :) 


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